A Very Nice Grounding Online Yoga Practice

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Join Tor for a verrrrrrrry NICE grounding online yoga practice. If you’re feeling like getting your body rejuvenated while having a nice cuddly laugh, then load this online yoga class and enjoy! Questions or Comments? Post them below in our comments section!

A Very Nice Grounding Online Yoga Class Info

Instructor: Tor Ribet
Class Type: Ojas Rejuvenate/Prana Flow
Length: 30 Minutes
Props: None
Student: Giuliana (G) Trapani

Tor Ribet
For Tor Ribet, Yoga is all about growth and connecting with oneself. Her 200-hr RYT at Sadhana Yoga taught her to see obstacles as great opportunities to learn and has helped her embrace all aspects of her humanity.

Compassionate, sensitive and expressive, Tor has a talent for teaching students of all skill levels. Each class is sure to begin with a smile and end with communal feelings of invigoration, love, and tranquility.

Gardening, dancing, and creating art are just a few of her hobbies so it’s easy to see why the word expressive best describes Tor’s instructing style. Her ultimate goal as a teacher is to encourage all of her students to fall in love with themselves and in love with life.

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