Larisa’s Garden Episode 3: Seedlings!

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In episode 3 of Larisa’s Garden, we get our hands dirty! When it’s too cold to plant outside, we take the garden indoors by preparing seedlings. These little guys will eventually be moved outside when they’re big and strong enough, but will benefit from spending their early childhood in a warm, safe environment.

Takeaway Point

On making mistakes. Not all of your seedlings will germinate. Not all of your transplants will survive. You may over water, and your seedlings may get infected. This is all part of the process. By trying, you will learn. My first year gardening is nothing like my setup nowadays. Try your best, ask questions, and have fun! There will be lots and lots of successes 🙂


Sowing Schedules
Indoor Seeding for Outdoor Transplanting
Outdoor Seed Sowing Schedule

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