Ayurveda + Healing Stories: Tor Ribet Part 2

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“The cool thing about [the doshas] is that [they] totally shift how you see yourself.” – Tor Ribet

Journey through our inaugural Ayurveda and Healing training through the eyes and voice of Tor Ribet!

In the second episode, Tor touches upon some of the transformative knowledge she’s received…and she’s not even a quarter of the way through. Highlights include a discussion about how knowing about the doshas help people live compassionately and presently, how Ayurveda sharpens sensitivity and awareness, and how small changes can have HUGE impacts.

Plus, a super special guest (Kava the puppy) runs amock!

For Part 1 of Tor’s Ayurveda and Healing journey, click here.

Tor In Action: Weekend 2

Tor Ribet
For Tor Ribet, Yoga is all about growth and connecting with oneself. Her 200-hr RYT at Sadhana Yoga taught her to see obstacles as great opportunities to learn and has helped her embrace all aspects of her humanity.

Compassionate, sensitive and expressive, Tor has a talent for teaching students of all skill levels. Each class is sure to begin with a smile and end with communal feelings of invigoration, love, and tranquility.

Gardening, dancing, and creating art are just a few of her hobbies so it’s easy to see why the word expressive best describes Tor’s instructing style. Her ultimate goal as a teacher is to encourage all of her students to fall in love with themselves and in love with life.

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