How to Gracefully Navigate Today’s Crazy Speed of Life

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Living as if in a Tornado

Per the wisdom of Ayurveda, there is a subtle energy that correlates with people’s mindsets named Vata Dosha. Vata is responsible for all movement – a motion which can be calm like a still lake or can be likened to a chaotic storm gusting from unpredictable directions, propelling us frenziedly and erratically. The motion of Vata Dosha impacts our health, stress response, relationships, and ability to achieve our goals. Steady, calm, and predictable movement is healthy, while unruly and ungrounding is, most often, not.

Between our highly demanding lifestyles and living in a high-speed society we increase the tumultuous, unhealthy aspects of Vata Dosha within ourselves. We are bombarded with the stimuli of devices, travel vast distances in short times, mindlessly eat fast non-nourishing foods, are expected to be available 24/7, and often determine our self-worth through how much we can achieve. As a result, we may feel that life is unstable and out-of-control. Anxieties, worries, fears, and panic emerge. Societally, we have high divorce rates, feelings of purposelessness and of having no direction, unhealthy standards of beauty, lack of empathy and healthy communication, and overall exhaustion.

Ayurveda to the Rescue!

The solution is not to escape from the world, but rather to learn how to thrive under its stressors. By prioritizing Vata management, we can fulfill our needs in a focused, collected, and grounded way. We can be successful and healthy. It requires mindfulness, steadfastness, and a commitment to self-love, but the benefits are vast and life-affirming. Read on for a couple simple remedies to utilize anytime you feel your Vata Dosha is agitated.

  1. Listen to your breathing. Notice the sound of your breath. You will hear the natural sound of the mantra, “so-hum.” On inhales hear the sound “so” and on exhales hear the sound “hum.” This mantra is a universal gift granted from birth and is potent regardless of religion, creed, and belief system. Repeat for several minutes or until you feel relaxed and grounded.
  2. Benefit from the creative power of visualization. Here’s a simple prompt to relax during stressful times: Imagine yourself in walking through a beautiful pathway in a forest of pine trees. Smell the refreshing pine trees as you enjoy the sensation of crystal clear air filling your lungs. Each inhale rejuvenates, each exhale relaxes and cleanses. Enjoy the soft ground underfoot and the ambient sounds of the woods. Performing this visualization for four or five minutes will help de-stress, provide a point of perspective on the issues at hand, and reduce the impact of the negative aspects of Vata Dosha.

We wish you great success in managing your Vata Dosha and leading a life full of serenity, success, purpose, and love!

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Danny and Paul Litvin
Paul and Danny Litvin are a father and son team who teach how to live a healthy and happy lifestyle as per the traditions of yoga, ayurveda, tantra, astrology, palmistry, numerology, and life experience. Paul is the Spiritual Head and Danny is the Vice-President of The Ayurveda and Yoga Institute.

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