Healing Depression With Mantra

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My aunt lost her husband, her always-present companion and the love of her life, at age 90. She was in grief. She was lonely. She sank into depression. Doctors and medications weren’t helping, and her health was deteriorating.

We spoke daily and our conversations helped a little. Yet, once the phone was back on the receiver, her pain would return. She needed something to alleviate her suffering, to bring joy back into her life, to fill her with love.

I offered her the healing mantra, “Love You, Love You, Love You…” At first we would connect several times daily and repeat the mantra together, “Love You, Love You, Love You”. Then daily, then every other day, “Love You, Love You, Love You”.

Within a week she was answering my calls, “Love You, Love You, Love You”. A week later the depression was gone.

Love You, Love You, Love You.

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Paul Litvin
As a yogi for lifetimes, master meditator, and divine transformational healer, Paul passionately, inspirationally, wisely, and lovingly shares practical knowledge about joyful, vibrant, and healthy living. He leads sold-out workshops and heals via his one-of-a-kind powerful Transformational Healing program.

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