Video: Magnetic Healing Power, Planetary Healing Power, and YOUR Healing Power

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“Today’s presentation is about healing – about the healing power of magnets, the healing power of your hand, and the healing power of our planet, Earth.”

Within you is the potential energy for great healing and power. It is the same power that generates electromagnetic energy. It is the same power that gives life to all of Earth’s children. Through wisdom and proper training, you can access this sleeping strength within for the good of yourself and others.

In this video, Paul Litvin, The Ayurveda and Yoga Institute’s Spiritual Head, demonstrates how to use a pendulum to observe the healing power of magnets and your hand. We invite you to try at home and reach out to us with any questions.

Remember, this is just the beginning. This video is a simple demonstration of what lays within. Stay with us, be with us, and join us for programming to learn how to harness your great power.

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Paul Litvin
As a yogi for lifetimes, master meditator, and divine transformational healer, Paul passionately, inspirationally, wisely, and lovingly shares practical knowledge about joyful, vibrant, and healthy living. He leads sold-out workshops and heals via his one-of-a-kind powerful Transformational Healing program.

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