Ayurveda NJ is your digital hangout where you can get together with a wise, diverse, and personable online community to chat about everything Ayurveda!

This Facebook-based space is for YOU – we want you to participate whether you are interested in exploring yoga’s sister science, a health-nut seeking new knowledge, a yoga teacher who incorporates ‘the science of life’ into your teacher, a professional ayurvedic counselor or practitioner, or, for that matter, anyone! The more participation, questions, dialogue, respectful debate, and sharing, the better!!!

Together let’s spread health, vitality, self-love, passion, fun, and joy to our community and beyond!

To ensure the release of unique content and active sharing of questions and insight, we developed a weekly schedule for AyurvedaNJ!

Mondays: Marketing Mondays! Post your relevant Ayurveda and Yoga related services, workshops, classes, etc. In order to have your post listed, you MUST participate in the AyurvedaNJ discussion within the previous week. AyurvedaNJ is NOT a place for spam.

Tuesdays: Discussion Topic of the Week! Let us know your experiences, thoughts, findings, and knowledge about a varying topic of discussion. Ask questions pertaining to the topic at hand. Share your (related) success stories!

Wednesdays: New Video from AyurvedaNJ! Every week we’ll release a new video sometimes exploring the Discussion Topic of the Week, and sometimes diving into another fascinating Ayurveda-based topic.

Thursdays: Q+A Thursdays! Ask your questions and hear responses from local Ayurvedic counselors/practitioners, yoga instructors, and healers. Get your questions answered. Inspire others along their journey towards self-discovery and health!

Fridays: Food Fridays! Post and discover delicious Ayurvedic recipes. Ask your food related questions.

Weekends: For now, we’ll take a break on the weekends. Feel free to keep discussions from previous weeks alive in their comment sections. We have some great content planned for the ftre!

AyurvedaNJ is an experiment with high-hopes. We’ll adjust our weekly schedule to ensure high-quality discussion and sharing!

In order to ensure that this group remains a positive online refuge, we ask that members stick to certain guidelines and rules.

1) Please adhere to the daily schedule (listed above). Spam (content not having to do with the discussion at hand) will be removed.

2) Use discretion when posting possibly ‘offensive’ content, images, or replies. Remain respectful of other users. Let’s remain positive and keep our pitta in-check.

3)This group is neither a substitution for qualified health care nor an opportunity take advantage of free Ayurvedic advice. Some questions are great to be answered and can benefit many, some depend on the individual – sometimes it’s best to meet a qualified consultant/practitioner in person. Sometimes it’s best to see your health care practitioner to get a second opinion.

4)If you have any suggestions, qualms, etc. about the way AyurvedaNJ is run, please send one of the administrators a private message.

AyurvedaNJ is a place for open discussion. We will remove posts, comments, and members that create spam and disruption to this happy nook of the internet, and may update policies to ensure this is like heaven on the world wide web.

Danny LitvinAs a certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach and 500-hour Ayurvedic Yoga instructor, Dan uses his knowledge to make the healing sciences of yoga and Ayurveda accessible, fun, and life-affirming. He is the operations director of Sadhana Yoga and Ayurveda, dean of the Sadhana Yoga College Teacher Training program, and travels nationally to conduct workshops and trainings.
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