Sadhana Studio

Sadhana Is

Sadhana is a Sanskrit word meaning a way or a path. Each of us traverses his or her unique path in life. The combination of each of our experiences, personalities and goals are uniquely our own. Yet, the more health, happiness and mindfulness we cultivate the more we may beautify and successfully traverse our paths.

Established in 2013, Sadhana is a vibrant community of unbridled ecstatic humanity, wide toothy grins during sunny days and strong supporting shoulders for the rainy, knowledge passed on through inspiration, and friends walking with you along our paths towards happiness, health, and greatness.

Sadhana Studio Services

Yoga Classes

Sadhana offers a wide array of weekly group yoga classes for all levels of practitioners. Visit our schedule for more information about our classes and teachers.

Workshops & Special Events

Dive deep into your practice with workshops and seminars taught by our top-tier teachers and extraordinary guests. Plus: retreats, parties, trainings, and more!

Private Yoga

Enjoy personalized custom classes with your favorite Sadhana instructor(s)! Contact Us to schedule your self-growth investment.

Ayurvedic Consultations

Be the healthiest happiest you! Learn who you are and how to eat & live according to your unique constitution. Fall madly in love with yourself.


Achieve total health through balancing body, mind, and spirit via palmistry, astrology, numerology and chakra diagnosis, counseling, & healing.

200hr Yoga Teacher Training

Share your passion and/or deepen your practice. Emphases on personal growth, friendship, and profound knowledge.
An Experience of a Lifetime