Consciousness Energy Healing and Counseling

Radical Self Love for Health

There are periods in our lives where we experience deep turbulence in our lifestyle, family life, health, and psychological condition. All these problems are deeply connected with our chakra system. In our Consciousness Energy Healing/Counseling program, we will perform a chakra condition diagnosis and provide counseling on how to make the changes needed to open your chakras and reach balance in body, mind, and spirit. In order to discover the deeper meanings of conditions, the sciences of Palmistry, Numerology, Astrology, and spirit-guide direction may be used. We will recommend a number of holistic methods on how to bring your life back to a state of health and happiness.

For those requiring deeper assistance on their way to a healthy, balanced, and tranquil life we will offer spiritual/energy healing, Ayurvedic consultations and methods, and private sessions of meditation, specialty yoga, pranayama, Yoga Nidra, and/or restorative yoga.

Real-Life Healing Reports

Healing/Counseling Rates

Service Rate
Up to 2 Hour Healing/Counseling $220
Up to 2.5 Hour Healing/Counseling $275
Up to 3 Hour Healing/Counseling $330
Rush/Off-Schedule Healing – Up To 3 Hours $420
Family Healing/Counseling (Partners, Child-Parent, etc. - up to 3 hours, 2 people per visit) $330
Healing Through Feeling $400/Couple
1) Rates and offerings subject to change
2) Sessions are fully refundable with 24-hour notice. No refunds awarded with less than 24 hour notice 3) For Rush/Off-Schedule Healing: Schedule due to healer and room availability. Prepay is mandatory, no refunds.