Ojas Rejuvenate Online Classes

Ojas Rejuvenate

Ojas (Oh-Jas) is the subtle essence of Kapha Dosha. It is responsible for immunity, longevity, youthfulness, cheerfulness, healing, vitality, endurance, stability, deep seated confidence, and overall well-being. Ojas is cultivated through proper nutrition and lifestyle including good rest and healthy grounding movement. It is depleted through stress, anxiety, overwork, sleep deprivation, not enough sustenance, and “burn out.”

In Ojas Rejuvenate, you will perform gentle, grounding asanas with deep relaxation in order to restore, refresh, and rejuvenate your Ojas! This is a wonderful class for anyone looking to de-stress, relax, recover from injury, and/or enjoy a gentle stretchy experience.

Good for all levels of practitioner including those with limited mobility, anxiety, or who are feeling depleted.