Tejas Flame Online Classes

Tejas Flame

Tejas (Tey-Jas) is the subtle essence of Pitta Dosha. It is the inner fire that brings intelligence, attractiveness, discernment, courage, clarity, radiance, and a glowing lustrous appearance. It can be cultivated through hard work, concentration, discipline, determination, radical positivity, and practice. When tejas is depleted, one may feel confused, scatter brained, dull, unconfident, cynical, and pessimistic.

In Tejas Flame, your inner fire will be reignited as you sweat and shake your way through a challenging sequence of asana. With the help of great instruction and positive encouragement, you will feel stronger, smarter, and more radiant than ever!

Good for non-beginner students looking for a physically challenging class – you will sweat.