61 Point Relaxation

61 Point Relaxation is an accessible guided relaxation technique that can be performed whenever you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious. It is also an impeccable practice for cultivating awareness, preparing for meditation, and deepening your connection to prana.

Perform 61 Point Relaxation laying down the comfortable laying position known as savasana. Allow your palms to face the ceiling and your body to relax deeply. As you move through the technique, you may feel a variety of sensations such as warmth or gentle pulsations. Enjoy these feelings as they are signs of prana moving healthily through your body.

One more tip – relaxation is a practice. If you don’t sink into a deep state of ease right away, try again a few more times. Through repetition you will learn how to turn off stressed states and turn on relaxation at will.

61 Points

  1. Third Eye Center (Between Eyebrows)
  2. Pit of Your Throat
  3. Heart Center
  4. Center of the Right Side of Your Chest
  5. Right Shoulder
  6. Right Elbow Crease
  7. Right Wrist
  8. Tip of Right Thumb
  9. Tip of Right Index Finger
  10. Tip of Right Middle Finger
  11. Tip of Right Ring Finger
  12. Tip of Right Little Finger
  13. Right Wrist
  14. Right Elbow Crease
  15. Right Shoulder
  16. Center of the Right Side of Your Chest
  17. Heart Center
  18. Center of the Left Side of Your Chest
  19. Left Shoulder
  20. Left Elbow Crease
  21. Left Wrist
  22. Tip of Left Thumb
  23. Tip of Left Index Finger
  24. Tip of Left Middle Finger
  25. Tip of Left Ring Finger
  26. Tip of Left Little Finger
  27. Left Wrist
  28. Left Elbow Crease
  29. Left Shoulder
  30. Center of the Left Side of Your Chest
  31. Heart Center
  32. Navel
  33. Pubis
  34. Right Hip Point
  35. Right Knee
  36. Right Ankle
  37. Right Big Toe
  38. Right Second Toe
  39. Right Third Toe
  40. Right Fourth Toe
  41. Right Little Toe
  42. Right Ankle
  43. Right Knee
  44. Right Hip Point
  45. Pubis
  46. Left Hip Point
  47. Left Knee
  48. Left Ankle
  49. Left Big Toe
  50. Left Second Toe
  51. Left Third Toe
  52. Left Fourth Toe
  53. Left Little Toe
  54. Left Ankle
  55. Left Knee
  56. Left Hip Point
  57. Pubis
  58. Navel
  59. Heart Center
  60. Pit of Your Throat
  61. Third Eye Center (Between Eyebrows)

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As a certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach and E-500 Registered Yoga Instructor, Danny makes the healing sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda accessible, practical, and life affirming. He is the lead instructor and head programmer of Yoga and Ayurveda training programs at The Ayurveda and Yoga Institute. His writings have been published by popular online blogs like MindBodyGreen.com, his YouTube videos have garnered tens of thousands of views, and he has served many via workshops and coaching programs conducted nationally and online.

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