Ayurvedic Counseling

You need energy and good health to achieve your amazing potential. What you eat and how you live provide you with the fuel to keep motivated, strong, enthusiastic, passionate, and positive. Regardless of your age, physical condition, or occupation, Ayurvedic Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching will get you healthier, happier, and more successful than ever.

Our unique approach to Ayurvedic Coaching maximizes your potential to achieve your greatness through a four-step process.

About Ayurvedic Counseling Sessions

Ready to start living the life of your dreams? Keep reading for the logistics regarding Ayurvedic Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching sessions.

Discover Through an enlightening conversation discover your Ayurvedic body-mind constitution as well as the choices that are supporting and not supporting your health goals.

Craft Receive a one-of-a-kind, customized, and actionable plan to improve your energy, increase your vitality, and augment your overall health.

Experience Apply the applicable recommendations and feel the Ayurvedic difference. Provide feedback to your Ayurvedic Coach and have your program readjusted for maximal efficacy.

Support Through a month of email/phone support with your Ayurvedic Counselor, you will be supported through your Ayurvedic journey. Ask questions, receive inspiration, and have your program fine-tuned. Our priority is your success!

Though you will benefit from just a single session, we suggest getting started with at least 3 or 4 sessions each a month apart. These sessions will allow you time to cultivate balance, and create beneficial lifelong practices.

This is an investment which will pay itself back through a lifetime of vitality, passion, and well-being.


60 Minute Consultation

Package of Three (3)
60-Minute Consultations

In-Person vs. Online Sessions

Live far away or travel often? Enjoy a consultation from wherever you are! Online sessions are held via Google Hangouts.
You do not need a Google account to connect via Hangouts.
If youíre local, weíd love to see you in person!


Ayurvedic Counselors


Larisa Litvin

President of AYI

Larisa loves and lives Ayurveda. She has intensively trained in Ayurveda, and applies ďthe science of lifeĒ to every aspect of...


Dan Litvin

Vice-President of AYI

As a certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach and E-500 Registered Yoga Instructor, Danny makes the healing sciences of Yoga and...



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I have a serious condition (i.e. autoimmune condition or cancer), can Ayurvedic Counseling help me recover?

Iím healthy physically - can I still benefit from Ayurvedic Counseling?

Is Ayurveda a good option for weight loss?

Can Ayurveda help with my depression, anxiety, PTSD, or other mental-health condition?

Does Ayurveda actually work?

Iím currently on medication, can I still benefit from Ayurveda?

Is Ayurveda a replacement for medical care?

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