Improve Your Relationship With Your Parents and/or Children Through Transformational Healing and Spiritual Counseling

“If you think you’re enlightened go spend a week with your family” – Ram Dass

Familial relationships are difficult. Not only do they bring forth deep samskaras (habits), but they are rife with emotions. The difficulty of these relationships are augmented when the relationship of employee-employer is included. Family businesses can and have torn apart families.

Yet, with proper energy flow, compassion, understanding, and philosophy, family businesses can bring children and parents closer than ever. In “Improve Your Relationship With Your Parents and/or Children Through Transformational Healing and Spiritual Counseling” read a story about how a child sought help from Paul to improve his professional and family lives.

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Improve Your Relationship With Your Parents and/or Children Through Transformational Healing and Spiritual Counseling

Case Report prepared by Danny Litvin on March 29, 2017.  Our case reports are composed of the true healing experiences and results of multiple clients with some details altered to maintain anonymity.

A young man came to Paul for Transformational Healing and Spiritual Counseling to work on his increasingly difficult relationship with his father. He had started working in his father’s business and recommended several upgrades such as improved computer networks and new business management software. His inexperienced yet enthusiastic vision and his father’s experienced yet conservative vision created frictions between the son and father.

Often there exist conflicts between children and parents when children reach an age of maturity and parents advance into their late mid-life. The child seeks to become independent by demonstrating his knowledge and ability to thrive without parental support. The parent still sees his child as a child who needs supervision, guidance, and protection. The opposing forces of child and parent can often manifest as damaging conflicts, and are especially explosive when a business relationship is included.

The healing began with a Chakra Diagnosis scan demonstrating many energetic blocks in the young man. Within a few Transformational Healing sessions, these blockages were removed. Now that he was better able to receive, Paul followed with a profound explanation of the parent-child relationship from a spiritual perspective. He explained about how every person has unique personalities and perceptions, how to see from his father’s perspective, the importance of acceptance, enjoying the challenge of relationships, and how to create a joyful relationship with his father.

A few weeks later the young man related to Paul how his relationship with his father became sunnier, more compassionate, and deeper. At work the two developed mutual understanding and clear communication which transformed their previous friction into creative energy. By changing his attitude to his father, the young man was able to receive the respect and freedom that he desired!

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