Incredible Business Success Through Transformational Healing and Counseling

Do you ever feel that despite working harder than your colleagues, you still aren’t achieving the success you desire? That everyone else seems to be having an easier time navigating through life?

These feelings are blessings in disguise, but require the wisdom of a qualified guide to unlock. You are almost there, but need that little bit extra to manifest the greatness you know you possess. Through practical wisdom and the removal of inhibiting blocks, Transformational Healing/Counseling with Paul can help you achieve your goals.

In “Incredible Business Success Through Transformational Healing and Counseling” read about a former client of Paul’s who went from professional and personal crisis to literally having to turn down new work opportunities and having as much time as he’d like to spend with family. This isn’t an exceptional case – you will find that when you embrace your challenges and understand the flow of life, you can be anyone you want and manifest whatever you truly desire.

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Incredible Business Success Through Transformational Healing and Counseling

Case Report prepared by Danny Litvin on March 19, 2017. †Our case reports are composed†of the true healing experiences and results of multiple clients with some details altered to maintain anonymity.

A successful businessman in his late-thirties sought out Paul for Transformational Healing and Counseling. For years he had worked up the corporate ladder until he reached a high level of prestige in his company. Life was good! In the previous year and a half, he purchased a new home and became a father.

Yet, with new responsibilities he became anxious. Anxious that his productivity would falter. That he would be unable to meet his professional obligations. That he would lose his job and his home. That he would disappoint his wife and be a bad role model for his young daughter.

When this man saw Paul, he was in a poor condition. He was working unsustainably long hours leaving childcare predominantly to his wife. He fought harder for every opportunity, yet still lost clients. He saw Paul ready to accept wisdom and healing.

Healing was a pleasant experience. The man appreciated that Paul, who has many decades of business experience, was able to clearly explain practical spiritual wisdom. Within a couple sessions, Paul opened the manís second chakra (basic creativity and confidence) and third chakra (healthy determination).

Suddenly, new opportunities and clients started coming to him from everywhere. Now his career is better than ever, and heís enjoying joyful living. He spends more time with his family, benefits from improved productivity, and devotes more time to ensure heís healthy and happy.

About Danny Litvin

As a certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach and E-500 Registered Yoga Instructor, Danny makes the healing sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda accessible, practical, and life affirming. He is the lead instructor and head programmer of Yoga and Ayurveda training programs at The Ayurveda and Yoga Institute. His writings have been published by popular online blogs like, his YouTube videos have garnered tens of thousands of views, and he has served many via workshops and coaching programs conducted nationally and online.

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