AYI Alumni Stories: Meet The Yoga College Class of Summer 2018

Meet the Yoga College Class of Summer 2018! These seven graduates took the journey of a lifetime through an intensive format from May 31 to August 12, 2018. See what their classmates have to say about them and discover the wisdom of each of these unique and beautiful seekers!

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Note: These videos were originally premiered during the Summer ’18 graduation ceremony. They serve to highlight the blessings of each student as well as to provide an opportunity for students to thank their classmates.


Cindy practices yoga as a means to keep humble, connect to spirit, and serve others, and it’s evident to all that know her. Her classmates describe her as being “super sweet” and “a strong, brave lioness dedicated to her yoga practice.” Take class with Cindy, and you may, as Cindy puts it, “Enjoy, feel love, and love life.”


As said by a fellow classmate, “When you meet Frankie you immediately feel at home.” Frankie teaches to share with others the benefits she gained through yoga: “to breathe and trust myself to get through any of life’s obstacles.” Take class with Frankie and enjoy the company of someone whose “sincerity draws you in and makes you feel loved.”


Helene is the type of person that becomes an instant friend. She is approachable, down to earth, genuine, a great listener, insightful, and really funny. As said by a fellow trainee in an oh-so-true simple statement, “Helene is extremely likeable.” Take class with Helene, and you’re likely to leave feeling like you were instructed by your new BFF.


Maddie’s smile has been described by classmates as being one that “brightens up a room” and which “radiates energy and love.” She’s a kind and “huggable” person who teaches from a source of sincerity. Take class with Maddie and you’ll be sure to enjoy her “contagious good energy.”


If Shu could be any animal, he’d be “a whale [because] they’re so majestic and huggable.” In this spirit, he practices and instructs. As said by a classmate, “Shu is the type of person you could sit and talk to for hours in your favorite coffee shop. You will always learn something new.” If you are seeking to practice with someone whose, “Creative and artistic talents serve him well on and off the yoga mat,” then take class with Shu.


Yoga helps Steph, “Focus, breathe, and appreciate the small stuff.” She has been described by classmates as being “Calm, kind, and attentive” and “a wonderful and knowledgeable teacher in yoga and in life.” She is caring, strong, and a natural leader. If you’re looking to feel “calm but energized, and ready to take on everything life throws at you” then take class with Steph.


Regarding her yoga practice, Taylor loves “knowing I am growing stronger and I actually CAN do a lot with the right mindset and regular practice.” She is eloquent and a wonderful communicator. It is her goal to inspire others to feel the same, and she’s the perfect person to do so because, as stated by a classmate, “Taylor has a good heart. She cares for her students and does what’s best for them.” Take class with Taylor and you’re likely to feel “a bit energized and nice & stretchy.”

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