(A Conversation from Conscious Energy Healing and Counseling Sessions)

Client: I need to love myself more. Self-love is my ticket to health and happiness.

Paul: Self Love? Tell me, do you ever talk to yourself?

Client: Yes, of course, all the time.

Paul: And who are the two that are talking?

Client: I’m not sure. Maybe it’s my ego or self-image, and something like my higher self or soul?

Paul: Yes, correct! And which “self” needs more love?

Client: My soul?

Paul: How can your soul need self-love when the soul is love? That would be like filling a pool with its own water.

Client: Then my ego?

Paul: And what would happen if you fed your ego with self-love?

Client: Well, it would make my ego grow out of proportions…which is what’s causing my problems in the first place!

Paul: Absolutely! We cannot limit love to self-love! Love is universal without limitations and conditions! You are loved and you are love!

About Paul Litvin

As a yogi for lifetimes, master meditator, and divine transformational healer, Paul passionately, inspirationally, wisely, and lovingly shares practical knowledge about joyful, vibrant, and healthy living. He leads workshops and heals via his one-of-a-kind powerful Transformational Healing program.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Paul, this is a beautiful article. Cultivating joy, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance for ourselves and others, feels like the way to getting to that ultimate feeling where we no longer doubt our ability to love ourselves or someone else. Do you agree?

    1. Paul Litvin says:

      Lisa , I am absolutely agree with you! Thank you for your great words! Doubts in love are meaning that person is working to find love! No doubt in love means that Person is LOVE , enlightened and free from Fears !