Meet Steph

Yoga helps Steph, “Focus, breathe, and appreciate the small stuff.” She has been described by classmates as being “Calm, kind, and attentive” and “a wonderful and knowledgeable teacher in yoga and in life.” She is caring, strong, and a natural leader. If you’re looking to feel “calm but energized, and ready to take on everything life throws at you” then take class with Steph.

About The Ayurveda and Yoga Institute Faculty

Established in 2013, AYI is a vibrant community of unbridled ecstatic humanity, wide toothy grins during sunny days and strong supporting shoulders for the rainy, knowledge passed on through inspiration, and friends walking with you along our paths towards happiness, health, and greatness. We like to think our happy and healthy demeanors are virally contagious :-D
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