Yoga Nidra Healing – From Fear to Love

Yoga Nidra is a deeply healing practice, and Paul has perfected the art of guiding a healing yoga nidra practice. Through profound physical and mental relaxation combined with Paul’s expert guidance, you are able to peacefully, organically, and pleasantly gain perspective, understanding, and reconciliation of past traumas, fears, and negativity. In “Yoga Nidra Healing – From Fear to Love” read a real email exchange between Paul and a student (named Gabriella to protect her anonymity) who has worked with him through Transformational Healing as well as Healing Yoga Nidra. It’s incredible how something that once brought so much fear can be such a point of joy.

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Case Report prepared by Danny Litvin on February 14, 2017.  This is a real email exchange between Paul and a student. The student’s name and some personal details in the email have been altered or removed to maintain anonymity.

Hi Paul,

My post yoga nidra experience:

Since I am married and a home owner, I have had a reoccurring dream:

I am in a house we live in and discover rooms we do not occupy; that I just happen to discover them. Mainly, it is a large, dusty, old kitchen, an unused room that looks like something out of Great Expectations. I don’t want to be there and forego the space because it is haunted and I see the bad spirits. The don’t want me there and I am frightened.

The night after yoga nidra, the dream/vision comes to me again. Upon entering the space, I immediately meet a ghost, a white figure…very defined. It is a woman big boned, older with hair parted down the middle in a neat bun. She is wearing a blouse and long skirt. She looks at me sternly but, I look her directly in the eye with confidence, thinking I am not afraid of you…I walk past her into the familiar space, but now beyond I see a bright area. I walk toward, I see a vast pristine, light colored, wooden floor with walls of glass exposing a beautiful blue sky and I think what a great space to do yoga.

I think this vision is a huge indication of a shift. What are your thoughts?



You are right on the mark. For years you had this vision of your inner world as a large dusty old kitchen (an unused room) because it is how your your inner world was. You went through healing, practice of positive thinking, yoga, and a very powerful Yoga Nidra was the last hit towards the change of your perception. You walk into the same space in the same kitchen, the same rooms, but now you see it all as bright and beautiful and you like to be in it! It is a great vision to have! This woman is your guide – your guardian angel – she looks into you deeply because she wants you to complete your change into the light! Next time you see her, ask her to hug you, tell her that you love her enormously, and you will be transformed!

Thank you for sharing your visions (they were not dreams, but visions!)

Big Hug,


Wow! Of course. I hope to see her again soon and I will do just that.

Thank you for your guidance! You know how grateful I am. I will give you updates as the journey unfolds.

Have a good week ๐Ÿ™‚

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